Perfect Winter Weather

The sunshine finally won out today, all around the area.  Temperatures were just a touch above average, topping out in the mid 40s.  The start of the work-week will be very similar with seasonable temperatures and bright sunshine, but a good thing can’t last forever.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions in the last few days of whether or not the storm out west would impact us here in New England.  That storm system is tracking through the Plains today, packing a punch with severe weather to Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  The storm will move into the Midwest for Monday/Tuesday, and then work closer to home for overnight Tuesday/Wednesday.  This storm will not be very significant by the time it reaches us.  We’re looking at just a few showers after sunset on Tuesday through early Wednesday morning.  Plus, temperatures on Wednesday are really mild, which means it will be rain (rather than snow) for most (if not all) of us.  Lows are in the mid to upper 30s, and highs are in the mid to upper 40s.

Someone tweeted me today and said, “Bri, can you please tell us how windy it will be?  Cold is okay but wind is horrible.”  I share these sentiments completely.  It’s amazing how quickly a moderate breeze can take wind chill readings to well below freezing.  Luckily, winds will remain fairly light through the first part of the week, staying generally under 10 mph.  There might be a breeze that enters into the picture on Thursday and Friday, especially for the coastal areas, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  Let’s enjoy this perfect winter weather for a day or two, shall we??

With only 10 shopping days left before Christmas, many of us are turning our attention to holiday travel.  It’s still too far out to get a clear picture, but I am tracking a possible storm for us as we get into next weekend.  A couple of the forecast models bring it in with wet snow in the interior, and rain for the eastern half of the state on Sunday.  Personally, I think this scenario looks fairly likely.  However, a couple of other forecast models forecast the track of the storm too far south for New England to see anything.  So still, at this point it’s a toss up… and none of that really the real question:  “Will we have a White Christmas.”  Stay tuned…

Enjoy the sunshine!  – Bri