Police: Woman wakes up to stranger sitting on her bed

DORCHESTER (WHDH) — A woman in Dorchester said she woke up in the middle of the night to find a stranger sitting on her bed and Boston Police are now investigating the crime.

Police said this happened in the area of South Point Drive in Dorchester near the UMass Boston campus. The woman told police she woke up and found the intruder on her bed. She said she screamed and the man got up and ran out of the room. Police said the woman left her apartment’s door unlocked.

“I was just astounded because I hasn’t heard anything about this before and it can happen to anyone, as you would think,” said Annaleigh Kohn, who lives nearby.

Police said the woman chased the man from her apartment and called 911. She told police she did not recognize the man and that there was no communication or physical contact with him.

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