Pumpkin Spiced Sunday

I found a pumpkin-spice K-cup today… Two days too early.  Imagine my surprise and excitement!  Only it’s not fall, just yet.  I know I will enjoy a warm cup of coffee no matter the season.  However, I also know I will enjoy this one, soul-warming, perfectly-spicy, lone K-cup so much more if I wait to brew it until Sunday, when it’s much more fall-like out.  Then I can "cheers" myself and exclaim "to change!"  Fall is my favorite season.  Can you tell?

The Autumnal Equinox (official start of fall) is still a few days away (Wednesday), so maybe it’s appropriate that we’re still enjoying some final days of summer heat.  Though, we have already hit the peak of the heat this week; now we are on the downward slope to some cooler weather.  Yesterday’s high in Boston was 89°, today 85°, and tomorrow closer to 80°.  You can tell, the heat is now waning.  Nevertheless, another warm day is on tap for Saturday – but the humidity is also on the rise tomorrow.  It’ll feel a little sticky/muggy through the day.  All things considered though, not a bad day Saturday to squeeze out some another day of summer activities!  Perhaps the pool needs to be prepared for hibernation, or maybe you’ll get one more use out of your colorful beach umbrella.  All I’m saying is, soak up summer on Saturday and wait until Sunday to heat up the cider.  See?

A cool front will swing through early Sunday morning, but it looks like it will be dry for most of us.  There’s a slight chance of showers along with this front, mainly early in the day – with skies clearing out in the afternoon.  Highs will be much cooler, only in the low to mid 70s.  This sets up our pattern for much of next week.

We’ll have an onshore flow through much of next week, which will keep coastal areas breezy and cooler than inland spots.  Highs top out close to 70 each day next week.  The extended forecast looks mainly dry, but we’ll be watching for an increase of clouds come Tuesday/Wednesday.  There is a storm trying to work in during the middle of the week, but for now it stays out to sea.  We’ll keep an eye on it.  See you this weekend on 7News!  – Breezy