Purple Snow?!

I’ve been off for a few days (visiting family in Minnesota), forgive me if it goes astray but when sitting down & looking at the maps I wonder what has happened to spring?!  Seems like it’s been a real struggle to warm things up for any length of time around these parts–granted, last Thursday & Friday were quite warm–upper 70s. Tomorrow offers a cold rain and even some snow north of us!

This cold rain is from a small, fast-moving storm that is located in the Great Lakes tonight but will carve out a path south of New England tomorrow. When storms take this path that all but lock out warmth for New England and it’s no different tomorrow. Rain is never heavy but is long-lasting, arriving before the morning commute and not departing until the back end of the evening commute. The amount of rain looks like anywhere from .50-.75"–a good shot of some much needed rainfall. Farther north…say up near the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and east toward Portland Maine it will snow. Travel won’t be impacted as it will not stick to roads but a slushy inch is possible on grassy surfaces for portions of central New England. Yikes. Temps for all of us are pinned in the upper 30s the entire day. March rain gear is your best bet.

Thankfully, sunshine is back Wednesday and so are seasonable temps with daytime highs heading for the 50s. A mix of sun & clouds will prevail for the remainder of the week along with seasonable temps.

Blog over, oops out of time