Skipping Ahead

Today’s weather……Ma always said if you don’t have anything nice to say then don;t say anything at all……..moving on to tomorrow, shall we? Clouds & a few showers will be around tomorrow for the morning commute and will be off/on during the morning hours as a storm slides through New England. Most (if not all) of those showers are done by noon and then a little sunshine for the afternoon. What this storm will do–besides dropping down .25" of rain–is switch the wind from east to southwest. When you do that, magical things happen. Temps should soar into the 60s despite limited sunshine. There will still be a few isolated showers between 5-8pm but mainly dry afternoon on the way…and warm.

The holiday weekend offers sunshine both days with temps on Saturday seasonable…near 50 inland and low to mid 40s along the coast. For Easter Sunday, those afternoon temps rise into the 50s, once again, a sea breeze keeps coastal locations a bit cooler (near 50).

Another batch of showers arrives early next week followed by a warming trend for midweek. Many of our long range charts are indicating below normal temps for early April–likely our last shot of cold air (doubt we’d see any snow with this cold tho).