Snow, Wind, Sun, Cold

 Rockin & rolling this morning as another arctic front barrels toward New England. This front won’t have quite as much cold air as the last one did (no sub-zero temps tonight) but it does have quite a bit of wind as well as some snow. The snow stops falling midday with most towns between 1-3″ (bit less on South Shore/Cape, bit more Worcester Hills/Southern NH) and then sunshine makes a comeback for the afternoon. Temps reach the upper 20s/low 30s before the arctic air returns late in the day. Some melting of the snow happens on main roads but sidewalks/driveways need to be shoveled/plowed.The wind will be quite gusty along the coast, at times gusting near 40 mph and likely over 60 mph on portions of the Cape/islands. Those kind of wind gusts on the cape will lead to some power disruption through the day.

Onto the weekend! The arctic front is long gone but it will have done its thing with many towns starting Saturday near 10 and briefly reaching the low 20s early afternoon. As for the Patriots game at Gillette, plan on dry but cold weather with temps in the low teens/20s for the afternoon (wind chills in the teens throughout the game). Sunday offers milder weather but more clouds—actually a great day for skiing with daytime temps in the low 30s (Mountain temps in the mid 20s).

It appears next week may try & turn stormy with a two events…one on Monday and perhaps another late in the week. Neither appear big but a plowable snow is possible on Monday–more on this over the weekend.



PS…Pats win 21-18…with that Special Teams unit making a big play somewhere.