Solve It 7: Box Office Baffler

REVERE, MASS. (WHDH) - You’re never too old to make a new friend. Sometimes all it takes is finding that one thing you have in common. For Lois Levine and Brenda Sugarman, it was their passion for the sea.

The two retirees met at the Jack Satter House, a home for senior citizens steps away from Revere Beach.

“There were all these very friendly people,” says Lois of the facility. “The staff is outstanding.”

The new BFF’s are still young at heart and very active. Back in January, Lois found out that the Broadway musical The Band’s Visit was coming to the Boston Opera House.

“I saw the commercial on television and went, ‘Yes!'” she says.

Brenda said “yes” too. They decided to make it a girl’s night out.

“We were going to have Chinese food,” says Lois. “We were going to have a ball.”

Lois called a number she thought was for the Opera House and purchased two tickets for $250.

“We picked a date that was good for both of us and the date we picked was March 28th,” she says.

As the show date got closer, the world changed because of COVID-19.

“We were completely shut down,” says Lois of life at the Jack Satter House.

The musical, along with just about every other event in Boston, was cancelled.

After a few rough months, things began to improve. That’s when Lois and Brenda reached out to the Opera House about getting a refund. But after several attempts, they couldn’t reach anyone.

“I tried a few days ago to call…they won’t answer,” Brenda says.

On a fixed income and needing their $250 back, Brenda and Lois tried another option…Solve It 7.

“I had heard that you do wonderful things,” says Brenda. “[I was] totally frustrated, I said, ‘Let me give them a call!'”

We discovered Lois had purchased the tickets through a third-party seller. We tracked down that company and were told the pandemic was causing refund delays. But Lois and Brenda should have their money back soon.

“I said to myself, ‘When I see it, I’ll believe it,'” Brenda says. “I saw it!”

The ladies received their refund and came up with a savory way to say thanks.

“I’ll make you chicken soup with matzah balls!” says Lois.

Closing the curtain on their ticket troubles.

“I think you’re fabulous, I really do,” says Lois.

“But I hope we don’t have to have this interview again!” says Brenda.

Brenda and Lois are looking forward to when the Opera House reopens, so they can enjoy that girl’s night out they planned so many months ago.

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