It’s the city of sin, where millions of people visit hoping to win! But after one pull on a dollar slot machine, Brittany Underwood decided to skip the slots and focus on the shops.

"I definitely went on a little shopping spree," Brittany said.

After a few days of shopping and seeing the sights, Brittany packed all of the new goodies in her suitcase, checked it in at the airport, and boarded her Spirit Airlines flight back to Boston.

But what happened in Vegas really did stay in Vegas. Brittany made it back to Boston, but her bag wasn’t so lucky. It was nowhere to be found. 

"This is not good, like I want my stuff," Brittany said.

Brittany says she worked with Spirit, but after a few days passed and still no bag, she followed the airline’s instructions and filed a claim.

"I put in everything I was supposed to. I certified mailed it just to make sure that it would get there, but then after the 4-6 weeks passed I was like ok — maybe, maybe my claim got lost," Brittany said.

Call, after call, after call – Brittany says she repeatedly reached out to the airline to get an update, but she wasn’t able to get any information.

"It’s going on three months and I haven’t heard anything," Brittany said.

No suitcase, no claim money, and ready to give up, Brittiany decided to roll the dice and call Solve It 7.

We got in touch with a Spirit Airlines official, who said they had been tracking down leads with Brittany’s bag. But during our conversation he said they were going to close her claim and compensate her for her lost bag.

A few weeks later, Brittany received the jackpot she’d been waiting for: a check in the mail for $866.

"I had faith in you guys, that you guys you know would help me out to the best of your abilities and I am more than happy," Brittany said.

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