WESTFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - The Denly’s enjoy the freshwater from the well on their Westford property.

“We’re a thirsty family,” Elizabeth laughs. 

Peter says, “the water source is great, we’re never gonna run out of water.”

When they bought their home 20 years ago they were told to regularly test the well water because it wasn’t filtered.  

Elizabeth says, “ we all want clean water, we all should have clean water and we knew that we had radon, first of all in the air and in the water.”

Radon is a naturally occurring gas.

If found in water, it can cause health problems.

“We hired a filtration company to come and develop a treatment system to put in our basement,” Elizabeth says. 

The system has several pumps that use carbon to filter out the radon and every year the Denly’s pay $500 to have it serviced by the same company.

Peter says, “they come out in a van, the guy takes out the tank that has the particular carbon and he puts all-new carbon in it.”

But this year they hit a dry patch.

Elizabeth says, “we started reaching out around May, we kept getting put-off, and it kind of went on for a long time, but then they stopped communicating with us.”

For about 6 months the Denly’s tried to schedule a service appointment.

“I was no longer happy,” Elizabeth says. 

They thought Solve It 7 could change that.

We contacted the water filtration company and asked about the Denly’s service appointment

Peter says, “I think he was just hoping we’d go away.”

The company said it was dealing with a major labor shortage and was focusing on commercial clients. 

“We want the maintenance performed on our system,” Elizabeth says. 

Days later the company apologized and agreed to service their system

“You were amazing, you reacted quickly, you got us answers and I really was pleasantly surprised,” Elizabeth says.

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