Still Just OK

Nice stretch so far. We've managed to fire off a few light showers in the last couple of days, but not so today – other than a light one that dropped onto outer Rt. 2 this evening.

Big area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere has parked itself over New Brunswick for a day, and while that seems like a long way from here, it still will influence our weather tomorrow.

A small chunk of cool air will break off from this low and spin toward Southern New England. This is just what developing clouds will need tomorrow to grow into showers, downpours and possible storms. While not an all-afternoon affair, they will put out a good 1/2-1 hr. worth of wet weather. Be on the lookout for some strong or severe storms too. This is a prime setup for a renegade storm to get out of hand.

All this week, I've labeled the weekend OK. (Admittedly, I'm trying to think of how you may personally call it by Sunday night.) I'm still standing by that term, although I'm also thinking it may disappoint a few beach lovers.

Lots of clouds around for both days, with Sunday being the cloudier of the two. Few pop-up showers on Sunday too. Not a washout, but we'll be dodging a few raindrops in the afternoon. In addition, the humidity will increase (noticeably) by Sunday, fueling a chance for a downpour or two.

Next week, the heat is back! We'll make a run for 90 again by mid to late week.