BOSTON (WHDH) - Emerson College’s student government is set to express their displeasure over how their school has handled student protests against the war in Gaza.

“Our elected student leaders will vote on a resolution of no confidence in Emerson President J. Bernheardt and call on him to resign,” said Student Government President-Elect Nandan Nair.

Some Emerson College students claim Boston Police officers went too far when forcibly removing pro-Palestinian protesters from their encampment early Thursday morning.

7News was there as police stormed an alleyway, arresting more than 100 demonstrators, some carried out of the chaos by police, others handcuffed and led away.

Cell phone video shows police in full riot gear knock a protester to the ground, while others could be seen pinning people down and handcuffing them.

“The excessive use of force that Boston Police enacted on the people was incredibly excessive,” said one student protester. “I don’t think they needed to slam people into statues and slam people into the ground. You can arrest people without assaulting them.”

Boston Police say they gave demonstrators plenty of notice and time to clear out, even releasing body camera video of officers asking the crowd to disperse:

“I want you to be able to peacefully do this,” an officer can be seen instructing the crowd before the move to arrest took place. “However, with the blocking of the street, I can’t have that. I need this to open up, leave it open, otherwise I have to remove you from here. I do not want to arrest anyone.”

Emerson College also said they warned protesters several times that their encampment violated city ordinances.

“There was no issue with students being out their protesting,” Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said. “There was no issue with being there 24 hours a day in that particular space, the issue was just around fire hazards that were being created with the tents.”

Boston Police said four officers were hurt, mostly with minor injuries, but that no one detained claimed to be injured.

Emerson Student Government contradicts that report, with Nair saying his organization “heard reports that there have been broken bones and broken arms among other things.”

Emerson Student Government is expected to hold its vote on the no confidence resolution at some point on Friday.

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