What a difference the sea breeze can make!  When you get that westerly wind component (like we had today), it’s able to fend off the sea breeze and our temps can finally climb along the coast.  It took a while to get there, but around 4pm this afternoon BOS popped from 67° to 77°!  Not to mention, today’s highs were almost 30° warmer than yesterday afternoon.  Combine that warmth with ample sunshine, and you have a rockin’ day.  Perfect for #NationalHighFiveDay!  

We keep the warmth with us tomorrow, but it will look different from today.  Clouds begin to move in overnight, though I do think you’ll still be able to see the Full "Pink" Moon before the cloud-cover takes over.  Friday is not completely lost to clouds though, as sunshine will be in and out throughout the day.  This will help for our temperatures to once again climb well into the 70s.  In fact, I don’t think it’s not out of the question for a couple of spots to hit the 80° mark!  But remember, when you get heat + moisture + lift in the forecast, it can often = thunderstorms.  You may want to head out for a round of golf tomorrow, or maybe even to the beach… but keep in mind that scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms are in store from about 3p-10p.  It’s NOT a washout, but for areas that do get some healthy thunderstorms to develop, downpours and ponding on roadways will be possible.

Most of us will dry out on Friday night, but a few showers could linger into the early hours of Saturday morning in SE Mass., and along the South Coast.  Temps will be cooler for the weekend.  Mid 60s are in store for Saturday, and mid 50s for Sunday (cooler coast… there’s that sea breeze again).  Though, the weekend does look mostly dry.  

I hope you enjoy the summer-like end to school vacation week tomorrow!  – Breezy

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