A quiet, warm, gorgeous, summer-like weekend is in store.  Just the way I like it!  All is just as it should be, with sunshine dominating the forecast today and tomorrow.  We're also expecting a boost in the heat.  'Bout time, right?  While normal for this time of year is 82° for Boston, we do typically see a few 90° before the 4th of July fireworks fly.  We haven't had a day in the 90° range for more than 300 days!  The last time it was 90° or above was September 6th, 2014 (92° was the high in Boston that day).  It's been a slow start to the summer heat… but now it seems as if it's finally here.  

Some are saying, "Where's the heat?!"  While others are saying, "Bring back the 70s!"  I get it.  Air conditioning costs energy, which costs money.  But you could always beat the heat by simply just heading to the beach!  What a wonderful gem we have so close to home.  Plus, when you have light winds like we're expecting this weekend, the sea breeze kicks in to refresh the immediate coastline.  That will be the case for today and tomorrow, keeping coastal locations in the low to mid 80s, while spots in the interior will be in the mid to upper 80s.

Not hot enough for you?  Well, we need to talk about tomorrow.  Several spots WILL hit 90° and above.  I don't doubt that.  However, that may not be the case for Boston. While we will make a good run at 90° in Boston, I really think the sea breeze to keep temps in the city in the 80s.  Doesn't mean we won't come close.  Doesn't mean we won't dance around 90° – flirt with it – kiss it quickly and then run away like a kid with a crush at a middle-school dance.  But at the end of the day, I think that the sea breeze will win, and Mother Nature's free AC (the sea breeze) will keep the 90° heat away for another day…  We'll see.  That's just my guess for now.  Either way, I expect someone (or several someones) to call me out on Twitter tomorrow if I'm wrong!  :c)  This is just my way of checking to see if you actually read my blog.  

Alright!  That's it!  Head out and enjoy!  Or… if you're like my mom… get off of your phone and enjoy!  Pete said it right last night:  "Weather like this is Mother Nature's way of apologizing for the winter."  Apology accepted.  – Breezy

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