The Last Kernels

I know you don’t feel like reliving it, but for early March, it was an outrageously cold morning:

Despite the clouds, we managed to get close to freezing this afternoon. The lack of a wind helped make things a bit more tolerable too. We can weigh the benefits of the cold – how it negates pollen, bugs and invasive species – but I imagine you’re pretty fed up with it by now.

So let me offer you this. I believe we’re nearing an end to the biting cold. The overall pattern seems to be relaxing (as you’ve probably seen in the 7 day) and time is running short for Old Man Winter. We’ve passed the culminating snow event a few weeks back, now it’s time for the cold to shuffle away too. Think of it like a bag of popcorn in the microwave. When it’s nearly done, the popping slows as the heat reaches the last kernels in the bag. Well, there are only a few left, and the final seconds are winding down.

After tomorrow’s flurries and chill (see map above), we have one more very cold morning to come in the near term. A big bubble of high pressure will focus the arctic air on us Thursday morning, and we may start near zero in some of the coldest spots far north and west of the city. The afternoon is a knock-off of today as highs struggle to get out of the 20s.

Storms come, storms go and it seems that all this cold is destined to steer away another threat later into the weekend. Big storm on Saturday will get shuffled offshore as we mix the sun and clouds and head for

40 or better!

Yep, that’s right. Sun may be limited, but the 40s will be plentiful.