Toilet-papered house destroyed in fire

An Alabama home is gutted, damaged by a blaze that’s believed to have started when toilet paper in a nearby tree caught fire.

The Crauswell family was cleaning up their front yard after the trees were rolled over the weekend.

Cheryl Crauswell said the fire started when she and her son Parker were trying to burn the toilet paper from the trees. The fire spread from the toilet paper to the grass and quickly got out of hand.

“I thought it was going to stop. Because when I saw it start spreading, I am like it’s just going to stop,” Crauswell said.

The mother and son tried to put on the flames themselves. They filled buckets with water and rolled out the garden hose. But the two soon learned it was more than they could handle.

Emergency crews were called to the scene. For hours, firefighters worked to put out the blaze while the Crauswell family had to sit and watch their home burn.

The home is currently unlivable and their possessions are destroyed.