Much travel to be done over the next several days with Wednesday being particularly busy. Unfortunately Wednesday will be feature a massive east coast storm. It’s hard to believe that for many cities & towns it will be rain given the fact that wind chill temperatures are near zero. New England weather.

The reason for the rainstorm & not the snow is there is nothing to lock in the arctic air currently in place so when the storm blasts through New England with moisture it will also toss a big bag of warmth in here too. Between now & 10pm Tuesday it’s about the chilly, dry conditions. Today is a brilliant sunshiny day despite the arctic chill. Tuesday morning will start with sunshine then quickly see clouds move in during the afternoon. Both commutes will be dry on Tuesday.

As for the storm, here are the latest deets:

*Warm storm…rain, not snow

*Rain arrives ~10pm Tuesday and is heavy from midnight Tuesday until 2pm on Wednesday as most towns pick up 1-3″ of rain—our biggest rain event since August!

*Wind is an issue yet again with southerly winds between 20-40mph through out much of coastal New England/Mid-Atlantic on Wednesday.

*Both ground & air travel likely impacted across much of the northeast & mid-Atlantic on Wednesday.

*Thursday will be dry( but cold)  for much of New England.

Safe travels this week, ;o)


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