LIMERICK, Maine (WHDH) — a wild turkey in Maine spent Thanksgiving in recovery instead of on the dinner table.

The turkey was hit by a truck and had a fractured wing.

The driver of the truck and some other witnesses stopped to help the injured bird, they picked it up and one of the witnesses brought it home for the night to make sure it was ok.

"Lifted her up into the truck. She was huge. Put her on the seat. And I stepped back, and I said, 'Oh, what are you doing?'And he said, 'Do you think we should put a seat belt on her?' Which was great. And I said, 'Sure. Yeah, let's put a seatbelt on her,'" Meg Lord said.

The turkey was brought to an animal hospital.

When it's strong enough to fly, that lucky turkey will be released back into the wild.

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