Twin sisters punished by Malden school for hair extensions

MALDEN, Mass. (WHDH) — Twin sisters were punished by their Malden school for wearing hair extensions and now they and their parents are fighting back.

Sophomores Deanna and Mya Cook said they received multiple detentions at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School because of their hair extensions, part of their braids they got done while on vacation with their family.

“I almost started crying. I immediately texted my mom and said, this is not fair. I’m heartbroken. I’m almost in tears right now,” said Mya Cook.

The school’s handbook says hair extensions are prohibited and the girls were even asked to take them out. The girls’ parents feel the rule is discriminatory.

“I was really hurt by it, they were really hurt by it,” said Colleen Cook, the girls’ mother. “And I said, well, there’s nothing wrong with your hair. This is who you are. This is part of your culture. If you want to keep them in, we’ll support you.”

In a letter to parents, the school’s interim director said the policy, “…celebrates all that our students have in common and minimizes material differences and distractions. Any suggestion that it is based on anything else is simply wrong.”

The state’s charter school association has already denounced the school’s policy about hair extensions. The girls’ parents said they have contacted civil rights groups, along with their congresswoman.

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