Tyngsboro neighborhood on edge after woman’s car struck by gunfire

TYNGSBORO, MASS. (WHDH) - A Tyngsboro neighborhood is on edge after a woman’s car was struck by errant bullets likely fired by hunters in the area.

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At first, Pamela McEnnis thought her shattered car window was the work of vandals, but she later found a bullet lodged inside her car while it was parked in the lot of her apartment complex.

Police now believe it was a stray shot from a hunter who fired it from nearby woods last Saturday.

“It’s very upsetting. My husband goes hunting with his family and they go far away. This person was hunting really close to the neighborhood,” McEnnis said. “Everybody in the neighborhood is upset.”

Even more frightening is the fact that the bullets were fired near a hill where local children go sledding, according to McEnnis.

“It could have hit any of the children,” said McEnnis.

The next day, police say a stray shot from a hunter hit a van at a nearby business.

Tyngsboro police have now issued a warning to hunters, telling them to follow hunting laws and stay away from populated areas.

“He was not a responsible hunter,” McEnnis said of whoever fired the shots.

Local police and Massachusetts Environmental Police are investigating. Serious charges will be brought against the shooter.

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