Unsettling in the sense that we have two storms lined up over the next 5 days and unsettling for the snow lovers as each storm lacks arctic air to produce big snow. We do have cold air in place now as well as Monday (each day before the storm) but the atmosphere lacks any blocking—or ability to lock in the cold air across eastern New England. Patience snow lovers.

It is a cold start to the day with many towns starting in the teens/20s and by afternoon the best we can do is reach the upper 30s. Adding insult to injury we’ll eventually lose the sun to clouds this afternoon but hey–it’s Friday and they can’t take that away from us! This evening those clouds will toss a few sprinkles & even some flurries but by mid to late evening just light rain across teh region as temps hold in the upper 30s (If you are heading to the Berkshires for the weekend there will be some sleet, freezing rain this evening out that way).

Tomorrow offers periods of rain for just about the entire day as our storm slides through New England. This storm has Pacific Ocean origin (pummeled California earlier this week) and will soak southern New England with most towns picking up an inch of rain. Ski country gets the snowflakes tho, up that way 4-8″ of snow tomorrow! Sunday offers sunshine but still cold despite the sun. A blustery wind is with you so layer up if  heading out to grab the Christmas tree.

Early next week offers more storminess by Tuesday as a powerhouse storm forms offshore. This storm is likely batters the region with heavy rain & wind. In terms of snow it looks like western/northern New England are the only locations to get a plowable snow. Along the coast, a strong northeast wind may lead to some coastal flooding. More on this potential storm through the weekend.


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