Utah girl overjoyed upon being told she is being adopted

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (WHDH) — A Utah girl’s ecstatic reaction to the news that she is being adopted has gone viral after it was caught on camera.

Tannah Butterfield, 11, spent the last two years wishing her foster parents would become her forever family.

“They are just caring, loving, they take really good care of me,” said Tannah.

This past Monday, Jackie Alexander, the office manager at her school, walked in to give Tannah the amazing news.

“I grabbed her shoulders and I just said, have you heard the news baby? Have you heard, honey? You get your forever family!” said Alexander.

Tannah was so happy she jumped into Alexander’s arms and would not let go.

“This is, like, the biggest thing that ever happened to me,” said Tannah.

Alexander was so touched by Tannah’s reaction, she shared the video on Instagram. It has been viewed thousands of times.

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