Wacky Weather

I think I was the only person in southern New England who didn’t see snowflakes yesterday–hmpf! Yowza, what a cold airmass that has found its way into New England. This is the type of airmass that you would typically see on a weather map in early December. The good news is that this bubble of arctic air is small in areal coverage and is already beginning to depart but not before sending temps down into the 20s & low 30s. Boston had it’s earliest sub 32 degree temp in the month of October since Halloween 1988. Unreal.

So when does the milder air return? That happens tomorrow as a healthy southwest breeze boosts temps into the mid 60s by afternoon under a partly cloudy sky. Those temp will take a temporary setback on Wednesday–upper 50s–but nothing like today. On Thursday, our numbers head back into the 60s. In fact, if we end up with more sun than I think, those temps will cross the magical 70 degree mark by afternoon.

As for rain, only fronts–cool–pester us so a few sprinkles, isolated showers are likely Thursday evening and again late in the upcoming weekend. This time around they showers will be rain, not snow.

Enjoy that sunshine today (and the Pats 6-0 start!)