We’ve had a weak front wavering–or is it waffling?–back & forth the past few days. It’s been the cause of clouds and, at times, a few showers. The temps have also been bouncing back & forth. It’s as if the front can’t make up its mind as to what it wants to be or where to be. For today, we’ll be on the warm side of this waffling front so plan on a mild morning blending into a warm afternoon with temps getting close to 70.

There is  another front on the maps this morning–a cool front–and this front has a purpose! This front will charge through New England late today send our aforementioned front and its mild temps out to sea. This driven front, while plowing through New England, will pop a few isolated showers across the region later today. The key word is isolated…..rain gear will be a good idea but like the past few days, I bet it stays on stand-by for many of you.

In any event, cool High Pressure take hold tomorrow and is with us for Saturday too. Plan on sunshine both days but it will be cool with highs in the low to mid 50s both days. Sunday offers milder temps–low 60s–but clouds & a few isolated showers are likely.


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