‘We don’t want the bear playing with our kids’: Residents concerned as bruin wanders through neighborhood

FRAMINGHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - After a black bear took a lazy stroll through their back yards Tuesday, residents of a Framingham neighborhood say they hope the bruin will find a different area to hang out in.

Rick Beyer said he saw the black bear “just traipsing through” his back yard on Spruce Street while while he was having his morning coffee.

“It wasn’t a cub for sure, but it wasn’t full size — it was just a medium-size bear waddling through the back yard,” Beyer said.

Environmental Police Sgt. Matthew Nardi said mothers will kick adolescent bears out on their own at this time of year, and they can wind up close to humans.

“They can get into a little bit of trouble with bird feeders and trash,” Nardi said, adding residents should take down their feeders and keep their garbage bins secure. “They’re young, they’re curious, and oftentimes seen by the public.”

But the public isn’t that keen on seeing them.

“We don’t want the bear playing with our kids, but we want to make sure it’s taken care of and out of our streets,” one neighbor said.


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