Whew!—Back At It!

Now we’re talking! Sunny skies, light winds and after a chilly morning, temps this afternoon made it up into the 50s & 60s…..a fantastic spring day. This time of year it’s not uncommon to have a pair of days like the past two—-one day it’s rainy with temps only near 40 and the next day, BAM! Sunshine is back and temps are 20 degrees warmer. Thankfully, tomorrow is more like today than yesterday.

That means #TBT will start chilly once again with many towns near 32 (downtown Boston near 38). With temps in the low to mid 30s and some gardening likely starting–especially across SE Massachusetts as well as coastal locations, the National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory/freeze warning for late tonight-early tomorrow. Protect those delicate flowers. After a 2 or 3 hour chill, temps will take off once again wit most cities & towns reaching the mid 50s. The only difference will be a few more clouds by afternoon. No big deal.

These clouds are tied to a storm that will slide south of New England tomorrow night-Friday. No rain from the clouds but not as bright on Friday. The upshot of these clouds—temps not quite as cold early Friday morning (mid & upper 30s).

Looking into the weekend, Saturday will be the nicer of the two days with more sunshine. Temps reach the upper 50s. On Sunday, looks like a lot of clouds and those clouds will keep temps closer to 50 (upper 40s along the coast).

Still no real signs of extended warmth here in the northeast…Blocking High Pressure up near Greenland (technically known as the North Atlantic Oscillation) is in a configuration that shunts chilly air near the arctic circle down into eastern North America. Frustrating as it was a pattern I was hoping for back in December-January (Christmas snow) but not now. This pattern looks to remain in place for the first week (or two) of May. Don’t fret–you can still find some warm days even within a cool pattern–and no, a cool April-early May does not mean a cool summer for us.

Enjoy your Wednesday evening. ;o)