Woman saved from car dangling over 40-foot embankment in Worcester

A woman is lucky to be alive after she nearly drove her car off a cliff Thursday.

Carol Chumsae said she was trying to park her car outside a Worcester hair salon when all of a sudden she found herself dangling over a 40-foot embankment that led to a set of train tracks. Her car was held up by nothing other than a small tree and a chainlink fence.

Terrified witnesses rushed to Chumsae’s side, calling for help and eventually bringing her to safety.

“I saw the car sort of leaning over the tracks,” said John D’Lorio, owner of the hair salon Chumsae was driving to. “I just reached in and said, ‘give me your hand,’ and I pulled her out.”

D’Lorio said that after he brought the Chumsae over to the parking lot, she asked him if he would try to grab her purse from the precarious perch.

Her biggest concern was still getting her hair done.

The car was eventually towed from the scene.

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