An Ohio woman working out at 3 a.m. found herself in a sticky situation when she became stuck upside down in an exercise machine at the gym.

Christine Faulds, who was recording her workout at the time, called out to Jason, the only other person in the 24-hour gym at the time. He was in another room lifting weights, though, and couldn’t hear her shouting for help.

She also tried to free herself, but wasn’t able to. She eventually used her smart watch to call 911.

“I think the thing went too far and I’m just stuck upside down and I cannot make myself right side up,” said Faulds to the operator. “This is so embarrassing.”

An officer arrived minutes later, and chuckled when he saw her predicament.

“Easiest rescue ever,” he said.

“It was just so much pressure on my head,” she said, adding that her ankles were “burning.”

She posted the clip to social media, where it went viral.

“People are saying, ‘Why would you post that? It’s so embarrassing,’ but I’m like, sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself and move on.”

Faulds said she had a headache and felt a little fuzzy after the ordeal but was otherwise unharmed.

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