Getting Tom Brady’s autograph isn’t something 19-year-old Megan Uhrynowski will likely ever forget because the moment is now part of her.

The college student now has a tattoo to remind her of the meeting.

“I just screamed, I’m like, ‘Tom, you got to sign my arm, I’m really going to get this tattooed tomorrow,’ and he just looked right at me was like ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this girl,’” Uhrynowski said.

Uhrynowski and a friend attended a Patriots’ practice Monday night at Gillette Stadium.

After practice, a number of Patriots stars, including Brady, began signing autographs. That’s when Uhrynowski’s friend had an idea.

“Gary had given me the idea like, if you get Tom Brady’s signature, ‘Why don’t you have him sign your arm and get it tattooed?’ and I’m like, ‘That is just a great idea,’” she said.

Moments later, TB12 crossed the field and signed the 19-year-old’s arm.

“He just signed it and I was freaking out, it was probably like the coolest thing,” she said.

Uhrynowski went to a Connecticut tattoo shop Tuesday to make sure Brady’s signature will never fade.

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