Change of Attitude

 I hopped into an Uber the other day and the driver jollily exclaimed, “It’s a beautiful day!”  I responded with something that resembled a “grumble-grumble” a something else very glass-half-empty, like “Yeah, but I’m still wearing my winter coat.”  He said with a genuinely content voice, “Are you kidding?!  We are not buried in snow anymore!  This is so much better than just a few weeks ago!” And then he followed all of that with what was almost a song, “The suuuun is shiiiiiiinnning!”  I immediately changed my attitude.  Lest we forget… the “worst winter ever” is far behind us, but still a bit of a painful memory… So, even 50° is an improvement… I think.

I find that it’s easy to get a little disappointed by the temperatures – staying in the 40s for Boston today, and other days barely making it into the 50s.  We’ve made it up to 69°, but we still can’t hit that seemingly elusive 70° mark.  I think that’s what gives me a pessimistic attitude from time to time.  I can’t help but think, “If only I were inland a little farther… I would be enjoying spring a little more.”  The grass is always greener, right? 

Well, it’s time to change that attitude, because we are finally turning a corner.  The warming trend starts tomorrow, and it really changes things up on Monday.  Maybe some of us even head to the beach on Monday and think, “What ‘worst winter ever?!'”  

The sea breeze managed to skunk the coastal areas today and yeah, I do mean “skunked us” in a mostly figurative way, but maybe a little literally as well.  It stinks when the ‘burbs are well into the 60s and coastal areas can’t squeak past 50.  At least we had sunshine.  That sea breeze may skunk us again tomorrow, but the warm up has already begun.  That means inland areas will make it well into the 70s for Sunday, and coastal areas will be in the 60s.  Still… 60s I can do.  Actually, 60s are perfect in my book.  Meanwhile, we may be able to curse the sea breeze now, but in August we’ll be very happy it gives us some relief.  Again, the grass is always greener.

Also, Sunday starts bright – and early – if you’re heading to Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger at the Boston Common tomorrow.  Many of us from the 7News team will be there to cheer the walkers out the gate!  It will be cool early on, only in the 40’s, but it warms up quickly.  I think by 10am we’re close to 60 degrees.  A few clouds move in during the afternoon/evening and there’s a chance of some isolated showers, but I think this will be a miss for most.  It’s all-in-all a good weekend day!  

Now, I mentioned before that Boston hasn’t been able to hit that 70° yet this season.  In fact, we have gone without temps that warm since the end of October (and what a stretch it was from then until now)!  I think we may be able to not only hit that mark on Monday, but surpass it.  Let’s talk about “near 80°” because that looks very probable.  Monday is the peak of the brief “heat,” but the rest of the week will stay very close to 70°.  Not bad.  I think we’ve turned a corner.  I’m on board with you now, Mr. Uber Driver.  I like your attitude.  – Breezy