Holiday Snow!

Near-record cold this morning as many towns dipped into the single numbers. This map shows low temps from earlier this morning:

The cold was quite bold as the normal low in Boston for today is 28. Heck, even our afternoon (and current) temps aren’t even that warm…only in the teens this afternoon. Not a fan of the bitterly cold air?…well–good news, milder air is headed this way and will be here for a few hours on Sunday. In order to get that mild air in here, we’ll have to go through some messy weather tomorrow morning.

This is not a powerhouse storm but it will snow for most of tomorrow morning. Here are some bullet points:
* Snow arrives ~5am and lasts through midday, ending as drizzle/freezing drizzle
* Steady snow from about 8am-12pm
*No wind or coastal flooding issues

Travel issues will be greatest during the morning as that snow flies:
Heading out to the malls during the morning will be a mess. Allow for extra time but roads will improve by afternoon. Any travel plans to dinner, Christmas parties tomorrow evening should be OK.

In terms of snowfall….here you go!:
Looks like ~3″ in downtown Boston with upwards of 4-5″ in Worcester. Again, not a crippling storm but enough to snarl some traffic tomorrow morning. Part 2 of the storm is Sunday and that looks rainy (even in the normally colder Worcester Hills!) as temps flirt with 50. It’s only for a few hours tho as more cold air rushes back into the region Sunday evening—shovel & scrape that Sunday will freeze up tight by early Monday morning.

Have a great weekend–Happy Holidays!