The Departed

Good riddance to the wet commutes and rain soaked leaves acting like banana peels out there. After a couple days of damp weather, the trend is our friend as dry air moves in from the west, along with relatively mild air for mid November. At least the rain was beneficial for the drought, adding up to 1-2″ of water for most towns. For the next few days, the rain departs New England.

As high pressure builds in from our west, more sunshine returns by tomorrow afternoon with lots of sunshine likely on Friday. Although we’re not talking record highs, we do nudge into above seasonal temps with highs running into the mid 50s to near 60 on Thursday and Friday. Even Saturday is mild, mid 50s with increasing afternoon clouds ahead.

As a cold front and developing area of low pressure move into New England on Sunday, expect some showers and a gusty wind to develop. That gusty wind imports much cooler air Monday and Tuesday with highs running back into the 40s, if not barely nearing 40 on Monday. While Monday-Wednesday look dry next week, a few rain/snow showers are possible by Turkey Day.

Looking for a longer range forecast?  Look out for JR’s winter preview in his blog that comes out later this evening. He’ll tweet it out too… follow him @jreineron7.  Of course, you can always follow me @clamberton7 :-).

Enjoy the quiet weather the next few days!