The Heat is On

 Starting out very chilly this morning meant that we had a long way to go to really warm up this afternoon.  It was fairly cool (low to mid 60s) all across the board today, with a breeze making it feel even chillier from time to time.  All in all, not a bad start to the big weekend.  But that’s it.  Changes are brewing.

They say Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to summer – and with the forecast looking like it does, that really is the case this year. By tomorrow afternoon, the 60s are out.  The jackets are off.  The heat is on.  Bright sunshine will be with us again tomorrow (UV index of 8!), and highs will be close to 80° with even some mid 80s popping into the mix in the interior.  Tomorrow is the best day of the weekend to hit the beach (mid to upper 70s with 60s on the Cape), the pool, and to fire up the grill.  

I do want to stress how important the SPF is this time of year.  Most of us haven’t seen much sunshine in quite a few months, and our skin is extra sensitive.  Not only that, but the sun is very strong.  Couple those two things together and you may have a bummer of a souvenir from your holiday weekend, crawling back to work looking like a lobster.  So, while we all know we need to grab the SPF 35 at least – what we may not think about is the expiration date on the SPF bottle.  Most of those products last for a year or two and if they lose their protection power, your efforts of slathering on the sunscreen will be lost.  Okay, enough of my lecture (for now).

It’s been dry.  We know this.  We’re in a moderate drought.  We know this.  We need rain – which is also something we know (because we say it all the time).  What we don’t want would be showers on our holiday.  This doesn’t look to be a problem.  While I do think clouds will win out on Monday afternoon, we will stay dry and highs will be in the mid to upper 70s.  Enjoy this day of not sweating profusely… the heat and humidity really set in on Tuesday.

Serious heat.  Serious humidity.  Seriously.  Temps will peak on Wednesday with even a few 90° highs possibly popping up on the map.  Also, because it’s so warm and humid, we’ll also be watching for the potential for storms Wednesday through Saturday.  We really could use the rain.  

Get ready to fire up those AC units.  Have a great weekend, and stay SPF’d for gosh sakes!  :c) – Breezy