Well That Sounds Good

Some good weather these next few days. I’d use the term “great” if it wasn’t for clouds scattered about the region. The clouds we have won’t produce any rain today but I do think we’ll see some sprinkles late tonight & into tomorrow morning. Those clouds tomorrow morning fade away by afternoon! Temps the next two days will reach the mid 70s by afternoon and the humidity remains in check–great for outdoor activities.

As we roll into the upcoming Holiday Weekend Saturday is easy peasy. It’s awesome with sunny skies and seasonal temps (70s) and low humidity. Great for any & all outdoor activities you have planned. What about Fathers Day bro? Yes, that’s a problem. The remnants of Tropical Storm Bill are likely to get scoop up by an inbound cool front from Canada. If this meteorological setup was happening on any other day not tied to a weekend I’d be stoked. We’re still in a drought–running about 4-5″ below normal in rainfall since April 1st and some tropical downpours will be a good thing for our drought but the timing stinks. I don’t think it rains all day Sunday but I do see a scattering of showers–mostly during the afternoon for Fathers Day. Road races & a few holes of golf can get accomplished but sitting on the sand & soaking up some sun will have to happen Saturday.

Until then, enjoy the next 3 days—pretty good!


PS…..overall pattern the next 1-2 weeks does not look capable of producing any 90 degree heat/heat waves for southern New England.