Will The Circle be Unbroken?

It’s becoming monotonous. The daily cycle of sun/clouds/showers, that is. I’m sure your hopes were up this morning when it dawned bright…only to have them dashed when the clouds moved in.

Each day in the warm season (and sometimes in the cold), there is a magical number that when reached, gives the green light for cloud formation. It’s called the convective temperature. If there’s only a little moisture in the atmosphere, we get a few clouds. If there’s a lot, we get a lot – to the point where we go from blue sky to overcast in a matter of an hour. The concept is virtually foolproof and works like clockwork given the right setup.

So it happened today. From blue to gray in the snap of the fingers. On top of that, a blob of showers rotated south from Maine and tagged us with some wet weather. I’m seeing that slowly fade late tonight, not to return for the rest of the week.

That’s not to say we won’t be scot-free this week. The onshore winds will be our Achilles heel. Until they ease later this week, we stay in the 50s along the coast. Elsewhere, we have a chance to see 60 or better on Wednesday.

But you probably want better than that, don’t you? Something in the neighborhood of summer? 

We’ve been patiently waiting for the big 7-0 in Boston since last fall. October 29th to be exact. Yeah, it’s been that long. It’s been that ridiculous. That.,..unfair? Maybe, but no one ever said the weather was fair. Persistent yes, stagnant, yes. Fair, no.

Whatever it is, we’re destined for great things in the extended forecast. Warm things. Summery things. You just have to wait a little longer.