A Feel Of Summer

Tough to take a dig at Monday….sunshine, refreshing breeze & temps up into the low 80s–even at the coast! Although, I still feel like I have a case of The Mondays. We have another warm, summer-like day tomorrow then our temps will take a bit of a hit. Taking a step back towards May (temps) means we’ll go through some weather the next couple of days….no, not a nor’easter or washouts like yesterday but rather a couple of cold fronts.

The first front will charge out of the Great Lake States tonight and ram into our Tuesday warmth. This collision of sorts will pop some scattered afternoon storms for Taco Tuesday and some of the storms may pack a punch with brief heavy rain, small hail as well as gusty winds. This type of system won’t lead to a washout (like Sunday was) but it poses a challenge when trying to plan outdoor activities as there will be some storms (both early in the morning and later in the day) and those storms will be scattered which means there will also be a mix of sunshine & clouds for much of the day. Grab the umbrella & dress for summer warmth/humidity.

Wednesday is a cooler day thanks to the Taco Tuesday cold front but yet another cool front is on the move and this front will charge through the region during the afternoon. Like tomorrow, Wednesday is not washed out but plan on a scattering of some showers during the afternoon. Due to a cooler atmosphere, showers should greatly outnumber thunderstorms but some of the showers may have some small hail because it will be so chilly upstairs (upper levels of the atmosphere).

Thursday & Friday are quite nice….sunshine, low humidity and seasonably cool temps. Those cool fronts will really do a number on our pattern for a few days, preventing any summer heat/humidity from showing up/taking hold in New England.