A Glitch In The Matrix?

One of my favorite movies franchises is The Matrix and in one of the scenes in the first movie, Neo sees a black cat twice & says “Whoa..deja vu” to which Trinity then says “A Deja Vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix…”. No black cats today but how about an afternoon commute with rain–two days in a row! The rain is badly needed for the drought but not during our commutes. Well, if I may quote Neo one more time…
(full disclosure…I thought The Matrix Revolutions was terrible). We have a night full of rain, which at times will be heavy….especially from 11pm-3am. Most towns will pick up around an inch of rain and when added to yesterday’s total that should bring most totals between 1.5-2.5″ of rain. Sweetness.

The storm responsible for the two days of rain is offshore tomorrow and we get the sunshine back (after a few early morning clouds). We also get a little bonus warmth–odd for a departing storm on the first day of December–as temps will start the day near 50 and spend much of the day in the 50s! The only knock on tomorrow’s weather is wind, gusting out of the west between 15-25mph, at times masking that warmth.

After tomorrow, the temps take a downward slide on Friday and right into next week with highs only in the 40s..even some upper 30s on Monday of next week.

Overall, a colder & snowier December this year compared to the past two….The Oracle has stated as much.