A Nor’easter With A Name…Jose

Jose continues to churn north this evening as a borderline Hurricane/Tropical Storm (winds around 75mph). Here is a satellite picture of the storm:

When these tropical systems reach the mid-latitudes they begin to take an the appearance of a nor’easter rather than a hurricane/tropical storm….ragged-asymmetric look, dry air intrusion, bit of a comma-head structure to the storm. the track for this storm has not changed for the past few days—passing offshore, southeast of Nantucket on Wednesday (as a tropical storm):

A track like that is not a direct hit on New England….it won’t be a hurricane and due to the aforementioned metamorphosis (tropical to non-tropical nor’easter), our storm named Jose is likely to have effects of a powerful fall nor’easter, especially on the Cape/Islands:

The brunt of the storm is Wednesday but as early as tomorrow, we’ll all see off/on showers throughout the day with a developing breeze–especially on the Cape/South Shore & coast up toward Cape Ann. The strongest winds/heaviest rain are likely to be found across southeast MA. In terms of wind:

Tree damage/power disruption is likely on the Cape/islands and perhaps (isolated in nature) as far northwest as Wrentham and up on Cape Ann (due to wet/heavy leaves). In terms of rain, like the wind, the heaviest is likely to be found on the Cape/Islands/South Coast on Wednesday:

We will need to watch 3 high tide cycles during the storm as it will coincide with a high astronomical tide:

The locations under the greatest risk of minor-moderate coastal flooding would be from Hull south through Plymouth, the Cape as well as the Islands. Nantucket is most likely to see moderate coastal flooding (closest to the storm center). From Boston-Salisbury the Wednesday midday and Wednesday Night High Tide, there could be pockets of minor coastal flooding.

conditions improve (including getting rid of that dang humidity) on Thursday. More throughout the storm this week from 7weather.