All By Myself…

Remember that sappy 80s song by Eric Carmen? It’s the inspiration for this blog….cue it up in the background as you read along for full effect. On the map this evening is a little area of low pressure swirling east of the Virginia Cape region. Unfortunately for this storm, it is surrounded by dry air and when this happens it’s only a matter of time before it meets its maker (as the storm pulls dry air into itself). That will happen tomorrow as it wobbles through New England.

There won’t be enough dry air to wipe out the storms clouds so plan on a mainly cloudy day. The storm will also pop off some showers but they will be scattered in nature so no washout either…rather, a day with a lot of clouds and a few showers possible from time to time. Due to the scattered nature of the showers, some of you will have morning raindrops while others my not get a shower until mid afternoon. In either event, the lawns & gardens (and tennis courts) will get less than .10″ of rain. Cooler with temps in the 60s.

OK…….Heat?……here we go…Wednesday, sunshine is back in full force and it will team up with a healthy west wind and drag some Midwest heat into New England. Most of us will see temps in the low to mid 80s and with a westerly breeze, even the coast (Boston) should get in on the fun. In fact, Boston has yet to record a high temp of 80 this year–a bit later than normal. If (when) it happens on Wednesday it will be the city’s latest 80 degree day since May 1999! Yahoo! Sunshine & 80s back with us Thursday as well.

Holiday Weekend… to a nor’easter & all of its effects, a summer Holiday Weekend forecast is loaded with expectations of perfection & accuracy—hey, I have plans too–I’m with you, I get it! ;o)So… does appear to be a tricky forecast at this time as a front will be wavering back & forth (like an out of control garden hose) and this front–wherever located will produce clouds & a few showers. This front’s position (and its swagger) isn’t known just yet so get ready for some changing forecasts the next few days…be patient with us as we try & lock that forecast down.