Back To Reality

I have never been to Denver but follow their weather from time to time and they do have some wild swings in the weather going from 70s to single numbers the next day with snow….somewhat typical in a mountain climate but what we have gone through the past twenty four hours is not typical for a maritime location. Check out the 24 hour temperature change…

Yowza! Adding insult to injury has been a little burst of snow throughout the afternoon but, as noted in the blog last night, main roads are able to stay wet due to treatment and leftover warmth from the past two days. This fast moving system peels out of here by 7-8pm and skies try to clear out.

Finally Friday offers morning sunshine but also another storm headed this way late in the day. Thankfully, we’ll be on the warm side of the storm when it passes by late in the day so mostly rain drops (a few sleet pellets are possible interior New England).

Weather systems are moving fast these days which is a good thing-bad thing. The good thing is that by Saturday the storm is long gone but by Sunday yet another storm takes aim on southern New England.

So…..Saturday is the pick of the weekend with seasonably mild weather and at least some sunshine. Sunday is a clunker with rain for much of the day. Sunday morning will likely offer some snow and sleet west of I-495 with perhaps a light coating of snow/sleet but even in those locations a cold rain is likely by afternoon.

No worries tho…by Monday, we are back into the sunshine and mild temps. Long range charts hinting at an *east coast storm* pattern developing by late next week–too soon for hype or details but it’s possible one last hurrah from winter is in play in about 8-10 days.