Better Late Than Never

May 4th. That is the date that Boston typically records its first 80 degree temperature (last year we actually did reach 80 on May 4th!!). Like everything else in life, it’s a reference point that we have come up with but Ma Nature could care less–she’ll warm things up when she’s ready….and it appears she is ready!

Our little pesky Low Pressure that has spent the day with us moves out of New England tonight & High Pressure takes over. This area of high pressure has all sorts of dry air as well as warm air so plan on a warm day tomorrow. This High Pressure sets up a westerly breeze which will keep the chilly ocean air at bay so most towns—coast included– will spend the afternoon in the 80s. Only the Cape/Islands will have temps held back…70s. Still not too shabby.

Thursday is another warm day with a mix of sun & clouds. I do think a sea breeze will return to the mix but this won’t be an “April sea breeze” where temps are in the 50s….no…it’s late May so coastal temps are in the 70s while inland locations are in the 80s. Friday is similar, a mix of clouds & sun with temps in the 70s/80s…..great start to the Holiday Weekend….

>>>Oh right….the Holiday weekend! Not perfection but rather…variety! Saturday appears to be the hottest (best beach day) with temps in the 80s under a partly sunny sky. A cool front will drop through New England Saturday Night (along with a few thunderstorms) and this will lead to cooler temps for both Sunday & Memorial Day. Temps each of those days look to reach the 70s but at the beaches, perhaps only in the upper 60s with a mix of clouds & sun.

More on this the next few days.