Bitter Blast

Well, we knew the 70s that we had last week weren’t going to stick around long, but this change is ridiculous! I mean, really?! Sure, it’s colder outside today as highs run into the mid to upper 30s with a chilly breeze, but this manageable cold yields to arctic cold overnight. To get to those frigid numbers though, the arctic cold front needs to come on through, and that front will create a few issues itself in regards to snow squalls and gusty winds.

Snow squalls this afternoon have been reducing visibility to near 0 in parts of New York and Pennsylvania and those squalls continue their journey eastbound this evening. Any snow squall we get will be capable of reducing visibility to near 0, provide gusty winds and slick travel conditions as a coating to 1/2″ of snow quickly falls. Sure, it’s not a lot of snow, but these 10min bursts can be quite potent. With that said, much like summertime thunderstorms, some towns get whacked, others get off easy.  In terms of timing the squalls, it appears the best chance for them in central Mass run around 6pm, near 495 by 7pm and near Boston by 8pm… give or take an hour.  Although by 9pm, most of the snow squalls are done, there could be a passing snow shower or two scattered about until midnight, before completely drying out overnight as bitter air heads in, pushing the numbers into the single digits and lower teens and wind chills to 0.

Are starting Saturday morning off near 10 degrees, the struggle is real in the afternoon with high temps barely making it into the 20s. Factor in a wind that gusts 30-40mph, and that cold will sting as wind chills hover around 5 in the day and drop to -10 at night as lows head for the single digits. Hard to believe we were near 70 last Saturday and now challenging a record cold high temp from 1896 in Boston! It’ll be close, if we hit 22 during the day, the record stays, or if we don’t drop below 22 in Boston by midnight tonight, the record stays. Either way, it’s about as cold as it gets for this time of year.

We’ll start Sunday off in the single digits with below 0 wind chills, but recover into the low to mid 30s by late afternoon under a sunny sky.

Obviously if it’s cold here, it’ll be cold up north too. The ski resorts are now blasting away the snow guns which will be good for the skiing, but bring plenty of warm clothes if you’re hitting the slopes! The picture below is a beauty that was taken this morning up at Sunday River in Maine.

We’re back into the 40s by Monday and 50s by Tuesday with the next chance of showers rolling in here on Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night.

Have a good weekend and stay warm!

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