Bring It!

Cold air and playoff football in Foxboro, sounds like January to me! Despite the cold air in place, you gotta love the set-up. Why not? We do well in this environment! Be water my friend. Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!

The cold air arrives tonight on that gusty northwest breeze. Temps dip into the 20s by midnight and bottom off in the teens by early tomorrow morning. The breeze does subside for us by daybreak, allowing for a cold, but tolerably cold start to Saturday. Sunshine tomorrow fades a bit in the late afternoon with some mid to high level clouds sliding in, but it’s dry. From tailgate to game’s end, you won’t have to worry about your beverage staying cold, as temps go from the upper 20s to the low 20s throughout the journey. With a breeze generally 10mph, the wind chills won’t be brutal, but it’ll feel like the mid to upper teens with that light breeze.

Sunday, temps run back in the mid 30s with sunshine. Seasonable for this time of year. MLK day looks good too. Upper 30s.
Ski forecast for New England is solid… snow making and great grooming gets the green light.

While I don’t see 60 back with us, Wednesday and Thursday likely near 50 with some showers moving in on Wednesday. One caveat to that is perhaps a little icy mix Wednesday morning inland before the flip to plain ole showers. Basically, winter and snow will be taking another break this next workweek ahead.

How is meteorological winter stacking up so far?… Snowfall near average so far with temps running about 1.5 above average.

Folks, long way to go on this one. Pattern does look more wintry after the next 7-10 days.

Enjoy the weekend and gooooooo Pats!!!!!!!!

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