Bringing the Heat – Near Records

Like Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, Mother Nature is bringing the high heat.

You can tell it’s going to be a hot one as the soupy air in place this morning has allowed overnight temps to only fall into the lower 70s and the sunrise had quite a bit of color and haze to the sky.  We’ve even had locally dense fog south and southwest of Boston, where a dense fog advisory is in place until 9am.  Once that fog burns off, it’s all systems go for temperature take-off with highs running in the mid 90s this afternoon.

While I don’t expect widespread storms, there is the risk for a couple of isolated storms popping up near/south of the Pike early to mid afternoon as a front washing out across the area allows for just enough lift and instability to fire them.  They’ll take up a small portion of the day, so if you head to the pool or beach, much of the time is rain-free, just keep an eye to the sky in case you need to briefly duck inside.  Stay hydrated, stay hydrated, stay hydrated and DO NOT leave kids/pets in the car.

The weekend overall looks good, low 90s Saturday and upper 80s Sunday.  We’ll have more sun than clouds and much of the weekend is rain-free, although I can’t completely rule out an isolated pop up shower/storm Saturday PM.  Again, it’s one of those “go about your plans” type day, as any shower or storm would take up a small portion of it.

Stay cool and enjoy the weekend!

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