Day 5

The heat wave rolls on for many folks today as highs push past 90 again.  So far, Boston’s heat wave in at 4 days now with likely seeing the 5th and 6th days today and tomorrow.  The record in Boston for consecutive 90 days is 9, set back in 1912.

Not only have we talked about the high heat lately, we’ve also talked about an occasional severe storm too. Later this afternoon and this evening, we’ll once again keep an eye to the sky for more storms.  The risk for the strongest storms is higher over the western half of New England vs. the eastern half, although with high heat and humidity, a stronger storm can still make it to eastern Mass this evening.  The main threats from these storms will be gusty winds and locally heavy rain.  Any shower or storm early to mid afternoon would be isolated, as the best chance for more numerous and stronger storms holds off until after 4pm in western Mass and likely after 5 or 6pm for central Mass and eastern Mass.  The chance for scattered storms across eastern Mass lingers until 10pm or so.  We’ll keep an eye on it.

Low humidity noses in Tuesday and Wednesday, but it’s still hot, hot, hot.  Mid 90s tomorrow, low 90s Wednesday.  Although by Wednesday, localized sea breezes are likely with the beach the place to be.

The high heat ends by the weekend as showers and a few storms are possible late Friday and Saturday.

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