Deeper Into Fall

We’ve picked our apples, sported the new fall vest, taken pictures of the leaves so now its time to take a step deeper into fall. Sunrise after 7am, raking leaves, carving pumpkins and now chilly temps for the entire day. Yup, the next two days are just that (maybe not carving pumpkins)…chilly daytime temps.

Even though most of us got robbed of a warm day last Tuesday, much of the week was warm but this week will be the opposite with chilly temps expected. In fact, the warmest day of the week just wrapped up…today. temps reached the upper 50s which is normal for this time of year but we’ll only reach the 40s the next two afternoons.

We start Taco Tuesday in the 30s–not the coldest morning this month but the difference will be the lack of recovery. In late September-early October a cold morning can still be wiped out by powerful sunshine but now that we are a week out from Halloween, that sun will struggle to erase early morning cold. In spite of a fair amount of sunshine both tomorrow and again on Wednesday, temps will only reach the upper 40s–below normal by about 10 degrees. Still a bit breezy tomorrow.

Thursday is our next storm and that comes at us from the Great Lakes States. Unlike last week’s storm, this one won’t tap into any tropical moisture so no 3-5″ of rain but what this storm will have is some cold air to dislodge…
That means terms like wintry mix are back–especially for western /northern New England but even for some of us away from the coast plan on a few sleet pellets Thursday afternoon (reminder that sleet is the tiny balls of ice that go ping ping ping & bounce around) mixing in with the raindrops. The air eventually warms enough to turn this into a beneficial cold rainstorm but just a reminder that we are heading for winter. Looks like .50-1.00″ of rain possible Thursday Night.

Rain tapers Friday but we hold onto the chilly, raw air for the day.


PS Halloween looks cool but dry as of tonight.