I said it yesterday, “I’ll believe it when I see it!”  It was tough to get the showers going today – but maybe that was a good thing if you had outdoor plans.  A few spots were able to pick up a couple of hundredths of an inch… a few spots up closer to 0.10″… but most walk away from today with nothin’.  Well, how about a better shot at it tonight and tomorrow?!  

As I write this blog, there are a few isolated downpours that are moving through CT, and tracking NE.  More rain and even strong storms are well to our west in Pennsylvania and western New York.  Can we tap into this?  #fingerscrossed.  Meantime, maybe you noticed how warm and humid it was out today.  It was almost a “Florida feel,” according to this girl I know who used to work in the EPCOT parking lot at Disney World (that would be me, of course).  See, ahead of the front to our west we’re getting a SW flow that’s bringing in more moisture and even those mild temps today.  Highs were in the low 80s for most this afternoon, and dewpoints (a measure of humidity) were in the upper 60s to near 70.  That’s the first step in getting some beneficial rainfall – the atmosphere needs to “juice up” with moisture.  Now that the atmosphere is good and primed with moisture we just need the right ingredients to come together to squeeze that moisture out and make it into precipitation for us!  But does that happen?  Where and when?  Still questions that are tricky to nail down in detail.  It’s as if we have a good game of darts all set up – but can we get those darts to hit the board?  And where EXACTLY will they end up?

I do think that some more beneficial rain and possibly some storms will move in during the overnight hours – but favor NW Massachusetts.  This line of showers/storms will track slowly to the east throughout the day, and may include some localized downpours.  The morning commute will likely be a slow go, with rain arriving into the Worcester area around 7am and tracking east into Boston by about 9am.  Make sure the kiddos have their rain-gear as they head to the bus stop, and make sure you’re equipped with patience and your “Wellies” or Wellingtons, as the British refer to them (rain boots).  I think we continue the chance to catch a downpour throughout most of Monday, and even into very early Tuesday for SE Mass.  This is a slow moving front which means we’ll have ample time to take advantage of this “juiced up” atmosphere.  Did you wash your car yesterday?  Good… We need all of the “luck” we can muster.  I’m truly still a bit worried that some towns will miss out on this soaking.  UGH.  Nothing like disappointment on a Monday.

HOWEVER, if we can get everything to come together as it should – and break this cursed pattern of dry weather for a day – then many towns could pick up 0.50″ of rain!  That will help.  Even better, the towns that hit the bulls-eye could get closer to 1-2″… the potential is there.  Here’s to hoping.

Hey, guess what?  The Autumnal Equinox is on Thursday!  Though, it will feel more like summer… at least with the temps topping out near 80° – sans the humidity.  It’s not all bad news.  Fall is almost here, and eventually it will feel like it!  Have a great work week. – Breezy