Drier Weather Reigns

The few showers of yesterday are gone, but so is the milder air that tried to hang on across the area. While many towns south of the Pike made a run well into the 60s, if not close to 70, much cooler air did reside across northern MA and southern NH, where temps struggled to sneak out of the 50s. Those 50s from here on out will be more widespread for highs. In fact, on a couple of the upcoming days, upper 40s may be the best we can do.

Not only do we have a cooler pattern today, we also contend with a chillier breeze this afternoon that gusts to around 25mph. Temps this afternoon run from the upper 40s in the Worcester Hills to the mid 50s across much of eastern Massachusetts. The warmest temps, near 57, will be across the southeast section of the state. Today does remain dry with some returning sun, so all and all, not a bad finish to the workweek with seasonal levels in place. It’ll be a chilly one tonight, with lows back in the mid 20s in the colder burbs to the mid 30s in Boston.

Overall, the pattern is rather quiet ahead with no major storms on the horizon. Occasionally, we may catch a few sprinkles , but the rainfall totals show no signs of bringing promising, drought denting rains. Sure, the drought monitor that came out yesterday showed some improvement thanks to a wet October, but we still have a ways to go to overcome the ongoing deficits. Many towns are still running 7-10” behind in the rainfall department for the year.

A few sprinkles/light shower may pop northwest of Boston tomorrow from mid morning to mid afternoon, but lots of dry hours are still expected as the disturbance that moves in is more of a cloud producer than a rain-maker.  Near the coast or over the Cape, a few sprinkles are possible Sunday with a gusty wind, but limited totals come out of those. Same case on Tuesday night… a few sprinkles or a passing light shower is possible, but there’s not a ton of moisture to work with.

Enjoy the weekend!

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