Dry, Hot American Summer

This is my proposal for a new movie to come out:  “Dry, Hot American Summer.”  Obviously, the movie would be about this summer – and it would star Paul Rudd and other famous people… because why wouldn’t Amy Poehler want to be in a movie about the drought situation in New England?!  That’s what I’m referring to, of course!  How HOT and how DRY this summer has been.  What did you think the movie would be about?  We know how dry it has been, with a good shot for 2016  going down in the books as the DRIEST summer on record.  NWS Boston just tweeted this out today, showing the top 10 WARMEST months of August on record:  

Well, that covers the “HOT” part of my movie pitch.  Now, let’s talk about the “DRY” part:  Boston has picked up 3.92″ of rainfall throughout the months of June, July and August (meteorological summer).  Here’s a list of the driest summers on record:  

One week of August is left for us to pick up >0.05″ of rainfall – but can we do it?  We have a “slight” chance of showers/storms overnight Thursday and again on Friday… but most of us stay dry.  We’ll see… Either way, my new movie idea is a good one, I think.  It’s already in the works:  

There may have been a “fall feel” to yesterday, but today was proof that summer rolls on!  With temps topping out in the mid to upper 80s under brilliant sunshine… the complaint department is closed!  A day like today, I like to say, is “comfortable warmth” with dewpoints staying at around 60° or below.  Unfortunately, temps and humidity will be on the rise for the end of the work-week.  Some of the warmest inland areas will be flirting with 90° both tomorrow and Friday, as well as dewp’s in the 60s to near 70°.  The most humid part of the next couple of days will be Friday morning… Then around midday to early afternoon Friday, a cold front will sweep through (possibly bringing a couple of isolated showers/storms) and bring the dewp’s back down closer to 60°.  It really is a gorgeous weekend of weather in store for us – with both Saturday and Sunday’s highs in the mid 80s, low humidity, and cooler temps along the coastline.  Enjoy!

Of course, we can’t finish a blog without mentioning that “the tropics are really heating up.”  I’m sure you’ve heard that saying many times before.  It’s true though, as tropical storms and hurricanes are fueled be warm sea surface temperatures (preferably 80°F and above).  The warmer the ocean water, the more likely a tropical wave is to intensify.  Tropical Storm Gaston is expected to strengthen into a Category 1 Hurricane Saturday afternoon.  Gaston will pose no threat to land, heading NW to the east of Bermuda.  This one is for the fishes.  Meantime, there’s another tropical wave (Invest 99L) that everyone is watching very closely.  This wave has already been found to have tropical storm-force winds with it, moving through the Leeward Islands now… and it is expected to become a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm within the next couple/few days.  If this wave becomes a Tropical Storm, the 8th storm of the season will be called Hermine (pronounced “HER-MEAN,” though I keep wanting to say “Hermoine” like from Harry Potter… because of course Gaston would be followed by Hermoine… but it’s not… it’s HERMINE… so now you won’t forget and mispronounce it yourself… because that would be embarrassing).  I do believe we will be talking about Hermine for many days to come, with many forecast tracks taking the storm over the Bahamas and southern Florida…  Stay tuned.  – Breezy