Familiar Heat, Subtle Changes

Guess what the forecast is for today? If you guessed more heat, you’d be correct… no surprises there as many towns head for 90 degrees or better, giving many folks their 7th day of this heat wave. While the heat is on, the high humidity isn’t, as dew points run in the mid 50s to low 60s, a modest amount of mugginess considering the time of year. The breeze today is not as strong, and the biggest difference I see today from yesterday is the potential sea breeze. That’ll hold many towns along the coast in the mid 80s today vs the low to mid 90s we saw in those locations. I’ve put 90 in the forecast for Boston today, but wouldn’t be shocked if the high fell into the mid to upper 80s if the seabreeze kicks in and doesn’t kick out.  90s are once again widespread tomorrow.

How about some rain?  Friday and Friday night is the best chance right now. Two things I’m tracking for Friday: 1) A cold front moving in from the north, 2) A wave of low pressure moving toward us from the southwest. With the front laid up across southern New England Friday, it’ll be an easier focal point for scattered showers and storms to pop up on. What could enhance the coverage area and precip totals would be if that wave of low pressure also rides along/near the front and close enough to give us a batch of soaking rains. If that’s the case, many towns see 1″+ of rain out of this event. If the connection between the two systems is missed and the low stays south, then the showers/downpours are more hit of miss with some towns catching 0.5″ and others catching little. Temps stay in the low to mid 80s with high humidity.

Weekend: More dry than wet with partly sunny skies and seasonable temps as low to mid 80s are common. There’s still a slight risk of a pop up shower/storm with a few of them more likely Sunday over Saturday.  Still plenty of dry hours to be had though.

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