Few Storms, Lots of Dry Times Ahead

For the second morning in a row, we start off mild and muggy with some scattered showers. A few of these showers have produced downpours and at times early this morning, we’ll watch a few of these downpours roll through. While some towns catch a quick 0.25″, other towns pick up next to nothing, if anything at all. Hey, we could all use the rain, it’s just how it goes it these summer-like set-ups.

Miss the rain this morning, or want even more? This afternoon produces another chance for a few pop-up showers and storms. While not all towns get hit again (about 30-40% of us catch some rain), the few storms that do form may be locally strong as the wind profile and instability of the atmosphere favors storm development. The only thing that may limit their ability to really get going is some dry air above the surface that starts to work in. Bottom line… expect some dry hours through the day, especially mid morning to lunch, just keep an eye to the sky this afternoon. Additionally, if you want to hit the beach, the lowest thunderstorm risk is South Shore/Cape beaches. North Shore/NH/ME has a better pop-up storm chance this afternoon.

Model example of storms this afternoon (not exact – but gives the flavor of the day)…(Courtesy of WeatherBell Analytics)

Don’t worry, better beach weather is ahead as mostly sunny skies start and finish Thursday. If you don’t get to it this week, how about this weekend?

Only fly in the ointment in terms of outdoor plans to end the week and head into the weekend is the potential for some scattered storms either Friday afternoon or Friday night. I tend to favor the best chance for storms for Friday evening with a brief stint of muggy weather again. Those storms are out ahead and along a cold front that’ll usher in lower humidity and a good deal of sunshine behind it for the weekend. The pattern still favors a lot of dry weather and low humidity Saturday – Monday with temps in the low to mid 80s Saturday and Sunday and upper 80s on Monday. Wahoo! Enjoy.

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